"Enhancing Photostability of Maxillofacial Silicone by the Addition of Ultraviolet Absorbing Bisoctrizole (A Review of Literature)"

Keywords: Silicone, Benzotriazoles, Bisoctrizole, Ultraviolet, photodegradation.


This literature review emphasizes the impact of UV light on the deterioration of silicone used in maxillofacial prosthetics. Over time, the physical and mechanical properties of silicone degrade due to photodegradation. To tackle this issue, the study explores the use of Bisoctrizole, a photostable filler that effectively absorbs a wide range of harmful UV rays. By incorporating Bisoctrizole as a UV stabilizer, the longevity of maxillofacial silicone material can be extended, enhancing its resistance to photo-degradation. The review underscores the importance of including UV stabilizers, specifically benzotriazole components like Bisoctrizole, in silicone materials used for maxillofacial prosthetics.


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