A Critical Discourses Analysis of National Identity in Textbooks: A Case Study of Iraqi Curriculum for Sixth Preparatory

Keywords: Ideology, Critical discourse analysis, national identify, educational discourse


Textbooks are by no means ideological. This means that they present their dominant values and culture in the foreign-language education. In other words; textbooks can change thoughts of learners of the target language. The study is limited to the Iraqi ESL textbooks (English for Iraq) for sixth preparatory stage. This paper tries to examine the discourse of these textbooks critically. The aim of the current paper is to investigate the national identity of the publishing house in the Iraqi textbooks. In order to reveal the national identity embedded in them, the study draws on a corpus-based analysis. This study found the frequency of referring to nation identity of England more than other countries throughout the whole books. The study concluded that the English publishing house uses the national identity of England in the investigated data for ideological purposes.


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