Comparison study between inherited and biogenic calcium carbonate formation on the surface roots of Eucalyptus trees using X-ray technique and field observations

  • Hashim H. Kareem1 Kahraman H. Habeeb2 Layth S. S. Al-Shihmani2 1: University of Misan , College of basic education , Dept. Of Science 2: University of Wasit , College of Agriculture , Dept. Of soil sciences & water resources
Keywords: calcareous soil, inherited calcium carbonate, eucalyptus roots, in situ formation, x-ray technique, clay minerals


This study aims to explain the mechanism of formation of calcite and its to shed light on the synthetic carbonate crystallization on the surface of roots due to this mechanism is poorly understood and highly controversial. It is  accepted that calcite formed originally from parent rocks and not  in soils, The origin of calcite in calcareous soil, in Aldiwaniya city, Iraq was investigated, by selecting two soil samples, one from the contact zone with root surface and the other sample from bulk soil and out of the root system, X-ray diffraction showed that the calcite has two types, first one is well crystallized and ordered, with only minor deviations in lattice unit cell parameters relative to typical calcite. The clay-sized calcite (active calcite) is enriched in A and C-horizons relative to biogenic calcite and this mineral exist in larger size separates, and it's clearly appears in the shape of white crystals around eucalyptus root surfaces as shown in graphs. The results of X-ray showed that the appearance of smectite mineral which was diagnosed by the peak 14.21 A° in air dry magnesium-saturated treatment which expanded to 16.28 A° when saturated with ethylene glycol, where clarity of peak was increased, Also, the results showed that the appearance of peak 14.21 A° in magnesium saturation air dried, as a shoulder on the peak of the mica (10.14 A°). In general, calcite minerals have characteristic x-ray diffraction peaks at the following angles: 29.5, 31.7, 34.5, 35.7, 47.3, 56.4, and 63.4 degrees.


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