Analytical Study in Gynecology: Designing Treatments for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

  • Otoor Hassoon Abdulameer1 / Raghad S. Shamsah2 1Karbala Health Department, Ministry of Health, Karbala, Iraq 2Petroleum Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Kerbala University, Karbala, Iraq
Keywords: PCOS, genetic markers, hormonal profiles, lifestyle factors, environmental factors, SPSS.


Polycystic Ovary Disorder (PCOS) is a complicated endocrine problem influencing ladies of reproductive age, with ramifications for fertility, metabolic process plus cardio health and wellness. personalized medication supplies a confident technique by customizing therapies to specific genetic hormone as well as ecological accounts.

Methods: This research used a mixed-methods, incorporating measurable hereditary screening and also scientific examinations with qualitative person meetings to personalized therapy prepare for ladies with PCOS in Baghdad. Individuals were ladies aged 18-45 detected with PCOS, chosen with strict incorporation as well as exemption standards. Information evaluation included analytical screening to analyze the effect of individualized therapies on different PCOS signs together with pens. Measurable information was analyzed and examined based on topics of mathematical statistics using the statistical program SPSS for detailed data, t-tests, as well as chi-square examinations for value (p. value 0.05).

The research entailed 150 individuals exposing substantial irregularity in PCOS signs and symptoms and also hereditary pens. Individualized therapies resulted in substantial enhancements: menstruation uniformity raised in 85% of the individuals (p. value 0.01) hirsutism ratings lowered by 60% (p. value 0.05) acne enhanced in 70% of instances (p & lt; 0.01), and also BMI decreases were observed in 75% of individuals (p. value 0.001). Additionally, insulin degrees stabilized in 80% (p. value 0.001) together with cholesterol degrees boosted in 65% (p. value 0.05) of the research study team.

Conclusion: Personalized medication in PCOS administration reveals assurance in boosting individual results by attending to hereditary, hormone, way of living as well as ecological aspects. This strategy calls for a standard change in the direction of personalized treatment in gynecology possibly establishing brand-new requirements for PCOS therapy.


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