The journal aims at :

  1. Contribute to the development and dissemination of knowledge by publishing original scientific research and scientific reviews in the fields of research and studies in various fields of specialization. The journal will also be a documentary record of research and studies.
  2. Publishing innovative scientific research prepared by university professors and researchers in various scientific fields.
  3. Providing an opportunity for scientific evaluation of research by subjecting research to scientific opinion, which takes upon itself the evaluation of scientific and methodological aspects in scientific research.
  4. Consolidating scientific and intellectual links between other universities, research centers and specialized agencies, and exchanging scientific publications between universities.
  5. Addressing contemporary issues within the framework of scientific research, employing them in the service of humanity, and serving the core issues for which the journal was established.
  6. Monitoring and follow-up trends in scientific research, by standing on the scientific results of all research issued by educational institutions and research centers worldwide.
  7. Emphasis on diversity, openness, and systematic discipline, benefiting from all the data of sound thought, and contributing to the knowledge industry while preserving the university’s mission and identity.