Investigating Iraqi EFL Primary School Teachers ' Attitude Towards Educational Games on Improving Learners' Speaking Skill

  • Aswan Fakhir Jasim
  • Samira Mohsen Rodhan


This study aims at showing investigating Iraqi EFL primary school teachers ' attitude towards educational games on improving learners' Speaking Skill. The study is restricted to Iraqi EFL primary school teachers of the English language in Misan Governorate during the second term of the academic year 2016–2017. The total number of the participants is (60). To achieve the aim of the study, teachers ' questionnaire consisting of (20) items is applied as instruments . The obtained results are that items number (11,17) which refer to (Games design to show knowledge and creativity of pupils.) gains the high effectiveness. It got (82%) and the item number (17) which refer to (Some/most of the games encouraged them to use more than one language skill at the same time) gains the low effectiveness .It got (58%).