The Predicate Semantic with Linguists An Anajytical Study

  • Naseer Thojeel Dawood The General Directorate of Education in MISAN
Keywords: The Semantic, the Tradition, the Logicians, the Linguists: An Analytical Study


    The study  deals with the definition of the predicate ــ according to the rationalists ( the logicians ) and  Akhbaris (the linguists  and fundamentalists ) ــ an analytical study ، with mentioning its most prominent nomenclature،  its types ، the criterion of truthfulness and falsehood in it

، and the opinions  of the two teams on the difference between complete and

incomplete predicate ، as well as the sections of the sentence as an analysis and discussion، We  come to the conclusion that the fundamentalists  search  was an in-depth study  that seeks to delve into the depths of the sentence in order to examine  it،  and reveal its hidden connotations .

And this is what made one of the scholars to describe the grammatical research of the

fundamentalists as (semantics).

DOI /10.54633/2333-021-042-015



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