An environmental study of organic pollutants in Shatt al-Basra waters

  • Suha waleed Mustafa Basra University / College of Education for Women
Keywords: Organic pollutants, environmental limits, Shatt Al-Basra


The study focused on measuring the concentrations of organic pollutants in the artificial waters of the Shatt al-Basra canal for the period from June 2018 to July 2019, and samples were collected from four sites distributed along the canal. At a rate of (32.3) NTU, and the EC values ​​were within the baseline at a rate of (7.4). The seasonal significant differences for the CO2 values ​​were evident, as the winter season recorded the highest values ​​at a rate of (210.5) mg / liter, and the rates of BOD5 exceeded (5.5) mg / L and D.O (3.8) mg / liter, the permissible limits for most sites, with significant differences for both dimensions, and the overall rate of TSS was (4884.8) mg / liter, and TH values ​​increased in all sites with values ​​exceeding the limits and a rate of (4279.6) mg / liter.

DOI /10.54633/2333-021-042-028


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