Topic title Jurisprudential theorizing of personal status between the Jaafari law and the Iraqi civil law

  • Hormuz Asadi Kohbad /Muhammad Hashem Karam Al-Nouri Ramhormoz University/ Islamic Azad University Branch ( khorasgan ) Isfahan ; Iran
Keywords: Endoscopy, jurisprudence, legislation, law


It is Important to find an interested theory for jurisprudential theorizing of Islamic Sharia rulings, especially those related to personal status in a modern style, and a correct methodological method, as it is considered one of the important issues in this era, due to the many calls to return to Sharia, and to formulate laws based on it, with the need to clarify the ability of Sharia The Islamic law has to respond to the requirements of the times and to build a law that derives its provisions from the noble Sharia. we got it

DOI /10.54633/2333-021-042-031


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