Designing a contemporary public relations program to build trust between the institution and the public

  • ليث صبار جابر _ علي جبار الشمري جامعة ميسان / كلية العلوم السياسية / جامعة بغداد / كلية الإعلام
Keywords: The program ، Public relations ،The institution ، The public .


     This research attempts to show the importance of having contemporary public relations programs in government institutions and in various sectors in order to carry out its mission in achieving understanding between the institution and its audiences through various communication programs that aim to overcome obstacles and contribute to solving problems facing the masses during crises, in addition to that These programs share with the institution’s policies and the behavior of its citizens in order to create a state of trust and understanding between the institution and its audiences and between the public themselves. Therefore, government institutions should show their keenness to benefit from the art of public relations in achieving adaptation and compatibility between them and the public by designing an integrated public relations program. It works to enhance the public’s confidence in the institution and the services it provides, as the results of the research showed: that government institutions were not built on a sound institutional basis, and therefore this affected in one way or another the form of the relationship between these institutions and their audiences, in addition to that these institutions did not show their eagerness to benefit One of the public relations programs in enhancing confidence between them and the masses, and public relations programs are able to increase awareness among the masses to be able to In order to assimilate the circumstances surrounding them, and enhance their ability to transform conditions in their favor, which will be positively reflected in the life of the individual and society. And emergency events, just as the researchers reached to design a contemporary institutional public relations program based on many requirements and indicators derived from the levels of technological development and institutional performance of institutions in general.


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